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Group seminar 2011

On the horizon for 2015 : a Group Rich in Diversity, Interconnection, and a Pursuit of Further International Growth

The Mäder seminar took place in September 2011 close to Chantilly, and gathered more than 20 market leaders and managers with one target: reflecting on strategies to be implemented in order to make progress towards the growth objectives for 2015.

The Predominant Aim: Taking Advantage of the Richness of the Group

The group is a pool of human riches, technical prowess and innovation, dedicated to leading markets.

Mäder’s functioning and progressive globalization benefits from the synergies of these resources and innovations.

Everything is falling into place between countries, in markets, on production sites, to best combine human, geographical and technological riches.

Strengthened Interconnection Technology

Each branch (Industrial Paints, Decorative Paints, Composites) and each company already take advantage of synergies, first of all in R&D.

Mäder’s assets have always come from our R&D and from our various laboratories which have a worldwide presence.

This year’s creation of a new laboratory dedicated to prospective R&D, Mäder Research, strengthens our synergies and interconnection.

Assisting Your Worldwide Development

Clearly worldwide development is a necessity for the group, which is progressing every year. Yesterday it was China, Argentina, and India, today and tomorrow it will be Brazil, Russia, USA, and Mexico. Mäder is continuously expanding throughout the world in order to be able to quickly deliver the same quality of products and services everywhere.

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Mäder at the AEROSPACE conference

Mäder was present at the Aerospace Days conference, the 12th and 13th of October 2011 in order to meet the customers from the aeronautics and space industries.

CAMI Brand from MÄDER Colors Expands its supply to Building Material Wholesalers

A major supplier of paints to Building Material Wholesalers, Mäder Colors proposes a completely new line of products for wood. This complete range of products meets 95% of the needs of building artisans while ensuring maximum turnover of stock on retailers’ shelves. The products are designed based on professional criteria combining the optimal protection of the wood substrate and ease of application, for fast and long-lasting work.

Composed of three wood stains (impregnating + finishing system), one multi-usage treatment, three varnishes, one lacquer, and one saturation agent, this new CAMI product range provides an ideal response to professionals’ needs. Formulated with the same care that we use for professional Mäder paints, these products are efficient and reliable, and our water-born paints hold the NF ENVIRONNEMENT label. The new packaging designed for professional and semi-professional clientele will boost sales in self-service stores.

Maximal Protection Against Almost All Causes of Wood Degradation

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The comprehensive Offer, a Real Asset

Both internally and externally, MÄDER has been developing its comprehensive offer for several years with a major aim: to provide effectiveness and productivity to its customers.

Initially, MÄDER expanded its offer through the provision of products complementary to its paints. For instance, eco-friendly degreasing agents, or, in the railway sector, noise reduction products to decrease the noise of vibrations in trains.

MÄDER's comprehensive offer combining Paints and Composites has been strongly developed in the railway industry, from inner or outer linings of trains, nose and driving cabs to coatings for facades, ceilings or passenger areas.
MÄDER also increasingly works in R&D to develop innovative solutions for automotive industry, their main focus being to enable customers to enhance productivity.

"We are working a lot on the development of UV-curing systems for automotive industry that are already efficiently used in a vast range of industrial applications".
C. Amorin

In the field of industrial paints, the globalisation of the offer was achieved through the various cutting-edge business areas and competences acquired over the years. The comprehensive offer called General Industry and Specialities groups the set of competences of the Electrotechnical, Cosmetics, High Temperature, Anticorrosion, Public Works, Aeronautics and Distribution. Particularly in Distribution, the globalisation of Mäder know-how on tinting machines using chrom-free and lead-free bases enables to provide industrial and railway products, which demonstrates a real interconnection.

Finally, the MÄDER Composite Branch provides an important part of the resins used in the manufacturing of industrial or decorative paints. The resin technologies are also used in the gel-coats for composites and in the manufacturing of finished products in polymer concrete.

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Market focus

For several years, thanks to its innovations, Mäder has successfully developed a range of products and services for the cosmetics industry. Mäder does not plan to stop there and wants to put innovation and new proposals at the heart of the development of its cosmetics sector.

Mäder has a significant know-how that led the company to structure its activities around a coordination of its R&D resources which are divided into two production centres located in France and Germany. These two centres are in charge of innovation, and specific colors and product creations. Technical teams are in charge of assistance, and a design centre allows for prospective research in colors and aspects according to market trends and customer demands.

Innovation and new proposals at the heart of success

Mäder offers a wide range of solvent and water-based products for glass and plastics, including undercoats, pigment and color bases, screen printable/non-printable unpolished gloss varnishes, without flame treatment.

A complete range of solvent and water-based UV primers and varnishes allows the combination of various technologies and processes, in order to create your own colors or even to call on Mäder to achieve specific ready-to-use colors.

Being partners with glassblowers, applicators, centres of design and perfumers enables Mäder to be a source of proposal for innovative products and materials.

An example: Famous for the protection of metallization coatings through a liquid process or vacuum system, Mäder offers comprehensive ranges of undercoats and oven-or UV-cured varnishes.

Another successful achievement in the framework of a partnership with Shiseido: the development of a perfume bottle made of concrete.

“The cosmetics industry is first and foremost a certain philosophy of aesthetics and sensorial perception available through our range of products to meet the market expectations: innovation through shape, but also color and texture.”
F. Levin

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VOCs Emission Labelling of Decorative Products: Mäder Innovates for a Better Indoor Air Quality

As of January 1st 2012, new construction and decorative products placed on the market will bear a label indicating, in a well-identified, readable and simple manner, their emission levels in terms of volatile substances.

The products impacted by this new regulation are construction or wall-coating products designed for indoor use as well as products used for their employment or application. The products concerned are: partitions, floor coverings, insulating material, paints, varnishes, glues, adhesives, insofar as they are intended for indoor use.

What is this labelling about?

It is simple and readable information about the volatile substance emissions characteristics of the product once it is applied in a closed space.

The principles are the following:
- Labelling concerns emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs);
- These emissions are determined according to the product laid, applied, or integrated in a room;
- The information is provided in a simple way: a classification of performance.

How do you read this new labelling?

The “indoor air emissions” label includes a pictogram with a big letter. This letter indicates the emissions level of the product in terms of volatile substances in the air of an indoor room: ratings range from “A+” (very little or no emissions) to “C” (high level of emissions).

The scale of classification is specified underneath, with easily understandable color codes, which makes it possible to determine the product’s performance similar to the principle already used for household appliances or vehicles.

Consumers will have transparent information at their disposal, and this might become a new criteria for their product selection. Whatever the class displayed on the label, it will always be necessary to comply with the recommendations for use (opening the windows, using a mask, etc.) and the hazard statements (inhalation, ingestion, physical contact, etc…) displayed on the products.

Which volatile substances are covered?

Conforming the standards for the second French Health-Environment National Plan (Plan National Santé-Environnement, PNSE 2), labelling includes Formaldehyde emission of VOCs. But other compounds are also taken into account (strong presence in housings): acetaldehyde, toluene, tetrachloroethylene, xylene, trimethylbenzene, dichlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, butoxyethanol and styrene.

Work in progress at Mäder

The R&D staff in charge of this issue has been working actively and in close cooperation since 2009 with our suppliers and analytical laboratories in order to reduce at source, volatile compound emissions and ultimately improve indoor air quality. The objective is to provide consumers with products which are even more health-friendly.

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The Birth of Mäder Research

Mäder is currently establishing a new company specializing in R&D.

Developing molecules for the future for the groups’s business activities in collaboration with universities;

Adapting and disseminating these developments to specialized laboratories;

Managing the upstream R&D projects with industrial and academic partners;

Training researchers for new business technologies;

Generating a pool of young researchers for the laboratories.

Relying on eco-design methodologies and on a Sustainable Development approach, this new laboratory will supervise, among others, Mäder’s participation in the following projects:

- IFMAS (Institut Français des Matériaux Agro-Sourcés): which purpose is to create a French industry of monomers, polymers, resins and composites from plant-based chemistry;
- EQUIPEX: development of moulding equipment for parts in UV-curing composites;
- FAST LITE: development of automotive structural parts with a reduced amount of composites;
- VISION’R: development of polymer anti-scratch coatings on automotive glazing;
- E COATING: non-stick, UV-curing coating for inner surfaces of PVC synthesis reactors.

Furthermore, the internal projects of technological adaptation developed during the academic PhDs supported by Mäder will be given preference:

Development of new GIRAL molecules adapted to paint technologies;

Development of Coil Coating technology curing by means of an electron beam;

Development of paint polymers from renewable raw materials;

Development of photo-curing coatings insensitive to oxygen inhibition.

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Mäder in India, a presence in Perpetual Motion

A Successful Adventure

In both fields of automotive and railway vehicles, India is obviously one of the current booming markets, and one of the most important markets of the future. Mäder in India is above all a rich and ambitious adventure with the company Bhimrajka. Bhimrajka Mäder is established in Bombay.

Following the Developments of the Country, Getting Closer to Our Customers

The country is developing and some regions are assembling new powerful industrial areas.

Mäder must monitor these geographical evolutions to be as close as possible to its customers.

The best example is the opening, in Spring 2012, of a new production site in Shrirampur, in the State of Maharashtra.

This location will be strategic for Mäder, which will find itself at the heart of one of the most important car manufacturing areas in India.

It is foreseen to establish other commercial facilities across the country. Within the next 4 years, Mäder will develop a new industrial site in the region of Madras.

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